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"Graeme's talent as a raconteur instils the audience with confidence. The laughs come thick and fast" - Lancashire Post

"Lovely to work with. Very Good" - Tommy Cannon


"Rayner's closing routine was rock solid and hit a high" - Notts Comedy Review


"Graeme has the stage craft and poise of a true pro. Excellent comic timing and quick on his feet. How he isn't a regular at every big club in the country is unfathomable" - Barnsley Comedy Shop

"One of the best MCs around, second only to Jonathan Mayor" - Leeds Laughter Lounge

“Made me laugh out loud." - David Baddiel

"Very good at smut. Very relatable" - Meryl O'Rourke 

"Bloody hilarious" - Simon Brodkin


 "Lovely job. So hot the fire alarms went off" - Jon Richardson


“Got the audience primed for a great night, facilitated a wonderful evening for both acts and punters" - Jack Carroll

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