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As well as being a highly rated stand up comedian, Graeme is available to host your non-comedy event. To hire him, email with details of your query 

In the past Graeme has hosted charity events, auctions, corporate parties, awards ceremonies and other events - even Bingo and White Collar boxing! 

Graeme is very keen to help charities and local community groups, and is adept at hosting events with a view to maximising awareness and fundraising. 

Some testimonials:

"The best debut we've seen at any of these events"

- Ultra White Collar Boxing (Host/Ring Announcer) 


"Graeme acted as compare and auctioneer for a recent charity event. We were so impressed at his ability not just to be really funny but also his ability to interact with the audience. Our greatest aim was to raise as much money as possible for our chosen charity and Graeme did a great job with helping us achieve that!" 

- Red Diamond Executive Headhunters (Host/Auctioneer)

"Graeme recently hosted a community event for us and we were really impressed with him. He was funny, warm and professional and we hope to use his service again in the future". 

- Leeds City Council (Host)

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