'If that's your first ever gig, you've got a future Graeme. I was going to say great future, but lets not be premature. "I do love Fred and Rose" made me laugh out loud.' - David Baddiel

"Enjoyed working with you and really enjoyed your set. Great material and stage presence, I'm sure you have a fine career ahead. Hope to work with you again soon" - Pete Emmet - Comedian

'Funny AF and a really nice guy - albeit with some rather unsavoury habits' - Jem Stuart, Poet and Comedian

'Graeme headlined my show in Bolton last night, 50 people sent home happy and a mention of Jay Jay Okocha!' - Adam Anwar - Comedian and Promoter - Comedy Lofthoue, Bolton

'Gigged with Graeme Rayner last night. He was excellent. Proper jokes, confident and able to work off script. Defo worth a look promoters.' - Joe Zalias - Comedian and Author

'Keep an eye out for/book Graeme Rayner onto your nights - he's polished/funny as hell. Get him in!' - Ros Ballinger - Comedian and Poet

'Sense of humour is priceless...' - Ellen O'Hare - maternal aunt

'You were awesome! Thanks for performing' - Chris Harley - Comedian, MC and Promoter - Cocktails & F**k Tales, Leeds